OR Golf

OR Golf Society

We now have a thriving OR Golf Society which welcomes golfers at all levels and of all ages.  Each year, we try to organise two to three golf days, usually at clubs where ORs are members, making for a more personal event. Past courses played include: Hartley Wintney, Farnham, Tyrrells Wood and Sunningdale.

Our OR President, Nigel Taunt, would be delighted to hear from any OR who would like to help host such an day or just wants to come along to play.  Please email Nigel or Sharmaine.  Details of all forthcoming golf days can be found on our Future Events page.

Public Schools Old Boys' Golf Association (PSOBGA)

For the more serious OR golfing enthusiast, the Grafton Morrish tournament is the one to aim for: it's the major trophy of the Public Schools Old Boys' Golf Association (PSOBGA).

Our key players over the last few years have been: Stuart Robinson, James Davey, Harry Pakenham, Stephen Hobson, Andy Marchard, Kim Broadhurst, David Symms, George Kershaw, Gregg Potter, Ed Job and Harry Kershaw; all of these gentlement play with a handicap sub 8!  

If you would like to take part in this competition, please ensure you tick "Golf" as an interest in your profile and contact either Stuart Robinson  (Capel 2002) or James Davey (Bristowe 1996).

Professional OR Golfers

We are also very lucky to have some professional OR golfers in our ranks...... have a look at James Morrison and Ben Taylor for example.  As the Reed's School Golf Academy continues to develop our current pupils, we hope to see more ORs on the circuit soon.


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