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Public Schools Old Boys' Golf Association (PSOBGA)

For all OR golfing enthusiasts, the Grafton Morrish tournament is the one to aim for: it's the major trophy of the Public Schools Old Boys' Golf Association (PSOBGA). To see how we did in the 2012 competition, please visit the OR News section.

Our key players over the last few years have been: Stuart Robinson, Harry Pakenham, James Davey, Angus Hamilton, Kim Broadhurst, David Symms, George Kershaw, Gregg Potter, Ed Job and Harry Kershaw. If you would like to take part in this competition, please ensure you tick "Golf" as an interest in your profile and see contact details below.  

We are also very lucky to have some very serious OR golfers in our ranks...... have a look at James Morrison for example. Not forgetting Tony Wild and Marc Moreso who teamed up with Mark McNulty to win a Pro Am tournament at the Belfry a few years ago.

Golf Days in aid of The Foundation

Do also join us at our annual NetworkReeds Golf Day which last year was held in September at Stoke Park Club.  Dates and details for all events can be found on the OR calendar.

Contact Us

To get involved with the Old Reedonians' Golf Society please contact by clicking on links below:

Stuart Robinson  (Capel 2002)
Harry Pakenham
  (Mullens 1990)
James Davey (Bristowe 1996)
Sharmaine Matthews
  (Alumni Manager)

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