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Stephen Shiells Hockey
ORs v School 1st XI and ORs v Staff

Thursday 28th March 2019 - 6.30pm and 7.30pm 


It is wonderful that this memorial tournament, in honour of OR Stephen Shiells, is growing and becoming more popular amongst the OR community, both for players and spectators. 

So, if you fancy a round around or just want to come and watch, please use the booking form below to sign up.  There will be two sessions: 6.30pm ORs v School 1st XI and then at 7.30pm ORs v Staff.

In memory of Hylke van Slooten (Capel 2005),  who very sadly passed away in November 2017, the Headmaster and Mr & Mrs van Slooten will be hosting a special tree planting commencing at 5.45pm.  Players and spectators would be more than welcome to attend this special occasion.  Please click here for more information and to let us know.

All players are then invited to join us for a curry supper and light refreshments in the Societies Room.

  • Venue:                  
    Reed's Astros (with changing facilities in our new Jarrett Cricket Centre!!)
  • Time:                    
    5.45pm  Memorial tree planting by astros
    6.30pm  ORs v School XI push back
    7.30pm  ORs v Staff pushback

    8.30pm  Supper in the Societies Room
  • Dress code:            
    Please can ORs wear white tee-shirts
    Gumshield / stick / astros / shinpads /
  • Guests/spectators:  
    Most welcome to come and watch and have a drink
  • To book:                 
    Please complete the online form below or ring Sharmaine on 01932 589490.

2019 Team Sheet (to be updated as replies come in!)

Umpires:           tbc
Photographer:   tbc
Medical officer:  tbc

 ORs 1st XI
 ORs 2nd XI Staff
 Matthew Johns
 (Capel 2014)
 Ben Stokes
 (Bristowe 2012)
 Peter Auzins (GK)
 (Bristowe 2015)
 Alfie Baker
 (Blathwayt 2018)
 Robert Hurford
 (Mullens 2015)
 Ollie Pendered
 (Bristowe 1988)
 Patrick Leong-Son
 (Mullens 2016)
 Jamie Hutchin
 (Blathwayt 1993)
 Ellen Paterson
 (Bristowe 2013)
 Richard Smith
 (Capel 2005)
 Rhys Davies
 (Blathwayt 2011)
 Grayson Stuckey
 (Capel 2012)
 Sophie Newton
 (Capel 2014)
 Jon Don Carolis
 (Blathwayt 1998)
 Ignacio Cookman 
 (Bristowe 2017)
 Jamie Matthews
 (Capel 1998)
 James Lawless
 (Mullens 2011)
 Archie Seymour-Upchurch
 (Blathwayt 2018)
 Morgan Males 
 (Blathwayt 2018)
 Jerry Ross
 (Mullens 2008)
 Gus Strong
 (Mullens 2017)
 Jack Syms
 (Blathwayt 2007)
 Sophie Newton
 (Capel 2014)
 Harry Springford
 (Capel 2018)
 Robbie Nicholas
 (Bristowe 2017)
 Andy Shiells
 (Bristowe 1984)
 Andrew Miller
 (Blathwayt 2009)
 Jason Foster
 (Blathwayt 1995) 
 Dan Westley
 (Capel 2004)
 Robin Page
 (Bristowe 2003)
 Rod Lockyer
 (Mullens 2011)
 Grayson Stuckey
 (Capel 2012)


Charlie Taylor (Capel 2007)

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OR Hockey - 28 March 2019
Stephen Shiells Tournament
28 March 2019 at 18:30
Attendees: 1 No Charge

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