Case for Support

There is no message stronger than from those who have benefited from Andrew Reed's legacy ... the case for support comes from them, not us!


Matthew Huckin - School Captain and Old Reedonian

"When my Father died I was 8 years old.  By the time I was fortunate enough to get into Reed’s as a Foundation pupil, my elder sister had well and truly gone off the rails and my mother had effectively left me to my own devices. I needed a safe place where life was ‘normal’ and I was surrounded by people who were good role models and took an interest in me. Boarding school life in the 70s was no picnic but it was the reliable, stimulating and the safe place that I needed.   I made the most of the education and opportunities that were offered by Reed’s. I have no doubt that Reed’s was more than just a school that gave me a good education, it was a place that gave me confidence, security, and a value system that has literally been the foundation for so much of what I have achieved, including the happiness of my own marriage and family.  I cannot begin to express how important Reed’s was to me and how important the Foundation remains to me today."

Elizabeth Dickson, Headteacher, St Peter’s London Docks Primary School

“The Reed’s School Forum allows our inner city pupils to see and experience new situations outside their normal environment.  The programmes offered through the Forum provide high quality and engaging activities as well as high quality training and materials which all helps to raise the aspirations  of our pupils for secondary school and beyond.  As a Headteacher, being part of a Forum that allows you to forge new links with other primary schools in and outside your area, is a most valuable resource.”

George Cavill, Old Reedonian

"We really enjoyed Reunion Day and were amazed by how the School has developed.  You know Reed’s has come a very long way in the fifty years since I was there, but I sense it has the same spirit and feel, and I would like to help the Foundation.  I am very aware what Reed’s did for me:  it was my home for five years and gave me a set of standards and a morality which I have tried to uphold through my life, it would be nice to give something back as a thank you."

Julie Gander, Daughter of John Gander, Old Reedonian (deceased)

"I am very pleased with my father's obituary in the alumni magazine, the Reeder, thank you so much.  If my father could have read it I am sure he would feel proud of what he had been able to establish during his professional life ... the fundemantals of which were formed at Reed's School."



Current Foundation pupil

"Hello, my name is Stephen*, a First Form Foundation bursary pupil at Reed’s School.  I am confident you have heard the name Andrew Reed! This man brought hope to thousands of young people, and his Foundation is still blessing many to this day – my life is an example of how the Foundation has helped disadvantaged children.  At the age of seven, I suffered liver disease. missing a year and a half of school. However, with the right behaviour and attitude to learning I managed to catch up.  My primary school, Cyril Jackson, saw a spark in me and a passion for learning.  As part of the Reed’s Primary Forum, they gave me the opportunity to get into Reed's School.  Out of pure kindness and generosity, the Foundation has given me a chance to change my life!"
*not the pupil's real name, but this piece was written by Stephen for a presentation given to Old Reedonians.



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